Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats are warm-blooded rodents which are a danger to our homes and residence because they have large front teeth that make them chew through almost anything. No one wants to have rats running around their homes or structures. This is the most disgusting thing ever. The presence of rats can make one uncomfortable and disappointed because they are disastrous. Well, you can set traps or place baits to get rid of them. The rats are easier to exclude because they are bid and larger than mice.

The following are ways to get rid of rats

1. Poisoning

766ttetryuOne of the ways to get rid of rats is removing them lethally. This is done by simply identifying the rats’ feeding and nesting places. Go around your home or structures, identify where there chewed walls, boxes and make sure there are rat droppings. These are the best places for you to put the traps. Spill some rat poison on a piece of food e.g. bread and place it on the trap. Make sure you check the traps regularly to avoid unpleasant odor from a dead rat.

2. Use of onions

Use of onions may sound funny, but it really works. This is one of the simplest home remedies to easily get rid of rats. The rats are easily irritated by the smell of the onions. The smell of onions is nasty to the rodents. Slice the onion and place it at their nesting places e.g. near the holes.

3. The bay leaves

Rats are confused by the bay leaves. They think the bay leaf is food, so they simply eat it and they end up dead. It is the simplest way to get rid of rats. Simply put the bay leaves to their nesting place or their prone areas. Repeat the process regularly until they are all gone.

4. Use of pepper

This is another home remedy that you can easily use to eliminate the rats. The pungent smell of the pepper chocks and makes it harder for the rats to breathe. The chocking makes the rats die easily. You can simply put some pepper in their prone areas around the house and structures to easily eliminate them. Keep repeating the process regularly to get positive results.567876564

5. Cover up any openings

It is very important for you to consider eliminating the rats by covering and closing up all the openings around your home, e.g. holes, the cracks and among others.