There is a misconception that the massage chairs do the same thing. This is further from the truth since there are different types of massage chair which have different functionalities. When making a massage chair selection, you need to be aware of this fact. This article looks at the different types of the chairs and their functions. Since they say information is power, these thoughts will help you in making the right selection as far as the massage chairs are concerned.

Types of massage chairs

Upper body massage chair


The upper body massage chairs exclusively focus mainly on the back which is located on the upper part of the body. This type of massage chair can be used to massage the shoulders, arms, and the neck. Since these massage techniques vary from chair to chair, it is essential to check this beforehand. These chairs are affordable and are much lower in cost as compared to the other types of massage chairs. If you are looking for a massage chair for your back, then this is the best alternative. One of the critical things to note is that not all these types of chairs have the reclining feature.

Full body massage chairs

Just like the name suggests, the full body massage is used in massaging the full body, from the feet right to the head. This is the most recommended one since full body massage is the best as it helps to relax the entire body. These chairs are constructed in such a way that they have the body-shaped dips which you will have to slot into for the full body massage. By slotting into the dip, the chair will have access to almost the entire body parts. Some of the full body massages have the hand and arm massage features. These chairs can be easily adjusted which means that people of different sizes and shapes can use them with ease.

Air massage chairs

The air massage chairs use the airbags for massage, unlike the rollers which most of the massage chairs use. Some of the models use both the airbags and rollers for massage.

Zero gravity massage chair


The zero-gravity massage chair is another type of massage chair that is increasing in popularity. It is one of the unique types of massage chairs. When it reclines, you will begin to feel weightless since it will realign your spine and stretch it out. This massage chair is ideal for individuals who need a release in the lumbar region. It helps in the restoration of grand posture and the relaxation of the aching muscles.…